About Us

Flowtech Advantage is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket, universal and direct-fit exhaust solutions in Australia.

Established in 1984 Flowtech is a sub-branch of CSC Exhaust Parts, an Australian owned business based in Western Sydney. Flowtech is manufactured in-house from local and imported products providing true quality and competitive prices supplying companies Australia wide.

Through an efficient and dedicated manufacturing team, we are able to offer short turnaround times on custom-made requirements for specific applications.

CSC Building

Flowtech products are made from aluminised material for extra durability. These products are then painted in a high-temperature heat paint for a complete finish.

We also offer the option of 304 or 316 grade stainless steel for longer lasting alternatives.

An experienced and dedicated sales team also ensures that we can provide the exact solution for your specific requirement, ranging from spark arrestors, emission control, sports mufflers and noise suppression for any application.

CSC Building
CSC Building

We also carry a wide range of direct-fit and universal application mufflers/silencers in stock for your immediate need.